Swap / Meet

Nine tiny stories, loosely linked, inspired by classified ads. The sellers don’t mean to make it all about them—they’re just looking to unload some junk.

Bound in a limited edition, handmade chapbook, featuring original cover art by symbolist painter Zara Kand. $5. Published by Space Cowboy BooksContact author for copies while supplies last:

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Aug 25, 2018,
Space Cowboy Books, Joshua Tree, CA, with: Jean-Paul Garnier, Jon Christopher,  R. Soos, & Gabriel Hart

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Mom Egg Review
Review by Anna Shoenbach

Monkeybicycle’s IF MY BOOK
“If Swap / Meet were an eyeshadow palette, it would be 60% off at Marshall’s, the only one like it on a shelf of shower gels and bath bombs.” 

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