Swap / Meet

Nine tiny stories, loosely linked, inspired by classified ads. The sellers don’t mean to make it all about them. They just want to be rid of this junk.

Bound in a limited edition, handmade chapbook, featuring original cover art by symbolist painter Zara Kand. $5. Published by Space Cowboy BooksContact author for copies while supplies last: worldsplitopenpress[at]gmail[dot]com



Mom Egg Review
Review by Anna Shoenbach

Monkeybicycle’s IF MY BOOK
“If Swap / Meet were an eyeshadow palette, it would be 60% off at Marshall’s, the only one like it on a shelf of shower gels and bath bombs.” 

Read Her Like an Open Book Review by Bill Wolfe

Women Writers, Women’s Books Birth Announcement: Swap / Meet

Book Release, August 2018, Space Cowboy Books, Joshua Tree, CA



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