Feckless Cunt: A Feminist Anthology

Why: Samantha Bee said a bad word—the worst word—and suddenly the families torn apart at our border, a result of Trump’s disastrous “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, were lost among shrieks of outrage at this forbidden word: cunt, “the c-word,” a word for female genitalia that makes us cringe. It was not that this moment of hypocrisy was worse than all the others. But it was a moment of ENOUGH. I posted a call for lean, furious, feminist responses. My Inbox became a collective scream.

What: Feckless Cunt gathers 52 pieces of poetry and short prose from 35 contributors. Some of the work appears elsewhere, but most is published here for the first time. Feckless Cunt is about more than one “scandal” or one controversial word. It is about rage and lust and reclaiming our bodies and stories. It’s about humor and voice and despair and the menacing threats that follow every girl into adulthood. Together, these contributors tell a story: how it is to live in our time, in this sexist culture.

Who: Contributions from Susan Abbott, Liz Abrams-Morley, Lisa Allen, Dori Appel, Judith Arcana, Tina Barry, Bonnie Brady, Gayle Brandeis, Marion Deutsche Cohen, Kym Cunningham, Caryn Davidson, Holly Dunlap, Sarah Einstein, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Ann Marie Gamble, Tania Hammidi, Hanan Hazime, Alice Kaltman, Genevieve Kersten, Christina Lovin, Jana Martin, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Brenda Morisse, Kari Nguyen, Devon Ortega, Alzenira Quezada, Tracy Robert, Ki Russell,  Janette Schafer, Eva Schlesinger, Nina Shengold, Holly Spencer, Alison Stone, Donna Jo Thorndale, and Keri Withington. Edited and introduced by Susan Rukeyser.

Where: On Amazon$10, Prime shipping. Discount offered on bulk orders. Pencils $1/ea. Contact FecklessC[at]gmail[dot]com for information.


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Sun Oct 7, 2018. LAUNCH PARTY: Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Sun Oct 21, 2018. Moonstone Poetry @ the Pub: Fergie’s Pub, Philadelphia, PA

Sun Oct 28, 2018. Private Women’s Event in Joshua Tree, CA

Sat Nov 3, 2018. Feck Yeah: Readings from the Feckless Cunt Anthology. The Golden Notebook, Woodstock, NY